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Reflection in a Brown Eye
Al is shown running through town to the damaged Zaku II Kai that crashed. While recording the downed Zaku II Kai the pilot stands there and point a gun at Al. Al tries to get to hold the pilots gun without any luck. The soldier tells Al he can hold his gun but steals Al's camera instead. While the pilot is watching Al attacks him and gets his camera back only to be mesmerized by a Zeon rank badge. They then do a trade the camera for the rank badge. The pilot throws the camera's disc back to him and leaves in a Zaku II Kai that landed to pick him up. While in town Al's sees all the damage left behind from the battle. He then runs into Jay and Telcot who say all the morning classes were cancelled. During lunch snob girl gets pissed cause the Federation does have mobile suits classes are then cancelled.
On the moon the remaining Cyclops Team member and Killing are viewing the tape brought back to them for the Zeon soldier. The Zeon pilot who identifies himself as Bernard Wiseman joins the Cyclops Team. They talk about a mission to infiltrate Side 6 Bernie as a Civilian Cargo pilot and Micha, Garcia and Steiner ahead of him. They have to either capture or destroy the contents of the crate that escaped there. The mission code name is Operation Rubicant.
The next day Alfred talks to some school lady about his bad test scores. Al then eats dinner with his mom then goes to his room. Al sneaks out of his room and run into Chris holding her white cat. Al says he's on a dare by his friends. Al returns to the downed Zaku II Kai which lost all it's weapons. He then sits in Zaku II Kai's cockpit and notice that it's still working.
Back on the moon Bernard launches with a dead shot up body in the seat beside him. An intense battle starts between the Federation and Zeon at Side 6. He gets landing clearance and docks at Side 6. Al notices a battle inside the Zaku II Kai but he goes back to sleep. Bernard has some trouble with the dock people in the fact that he doesn't have receiver credentials. So they have to inspect his cargo which is a new prototype Zeon Mobile Suit. Steiner gives the credentials and makes some speech about his company going bankrupt so they allow him to take the cargo without inspection. All starts running home because he fell asleep in the Zaku II Kai. He almost gets hit by a truck piloted by Bernie. Al manages to jump on to the back of one of the trucks.