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How Many Miles to the Battlefield?
The Cyclops team start and attack on the Federation Antarctic Base. Garcia and Micha start destroying the base and enemy mobile suits. The federations GM's don't stand a chance against the elite Garcia and Micha. Andy rides a lift to the top and then spots a shuttle preparing for take off carrying containers. But he's pinned down. When Andy attempts to destroy the shuttle using his missile he gets killed and missile blows up behind Steiner who was riding the lift behind Andy. Steiner holds Andy's dead body as the shuttle takes off.
On Side 6 Al and his friends are talking during lunch at school. Jay s shows Al a rank badge from a Federation mobile suit pilot who's his brother. Some snob girl says the federation doesn't have mobile suits. Al and Jay start a fight with the snob girl and both have to sit in the front of the class room. After school Al runs home and gets a camera then heads to the space port where he is meeting his dad. In the space port Al heads off exploring in order to record a mobile suit he ends up recording some containers. Inside one of the container is a head of a mobile suit. Al talks with his dad at the port and he gives Al a letter to give to his mom. On his way back home he bumps into his neighbor Christina Mackenzie who just returned from Earth. They both go inside Chris's house and Chris removes a federation uniform from her bag and gives Al a pink shirt to wear. They then have tea. Al returns home and after dinner he goes upstairs to play a game. In the game he starts destroying all the good things like the hospital, police station, school, your house and the entire home town. While repeating "Yes mom".
The next morning Al looks out the window and starts recording Chris. They then start walking to school together Al talks about the crappiness of school. Outside of school Al talks to his friends and say that he couldn't get any pictures of fed mobile suits. Snobby girl comes along and says the badge was fake and could be bought at the toy store for one dollar. Then there is some massive explosion and the Federations GM's start fighting some Zaku II Kai's. The GM's are getting beaten and large portions of the town are destroyed. A damaged Zaku II Kai almost crashes into Al and his friends on the roof of the school. Al then chases after the Zaku II Kai which is heading towards the forest park. When he reaches the Zaku II Kai he starts recording it. He then notices the pilot standing there pointing a gun at him.