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Organization / Principality of Zeon
Rank / Corporal
Age / 19
Height / 175 cm
Alias / Bernie
Bernie is a raw recruit drafted as part of Zeon's student mobilization, mere cannon fodder for the Zeon war machine. Shot down during his first sortie as a mobile suit pilot, he fortuitously encounters Al and obtains his camera. While Colonel Killing cites this as a pretext for assigning Bernie to the elite Cyclops Team, it's pretty clear that Bernie is considered dead weight and has been assigned to the team in lieu of genuine reinforcements.
Though Bernie does manage to locate the Alex, his poor undercover technique blows the Cyclops Team's cover when they attempt to infiltrate the Federal Forces base where it's being assembled. Ultimately, though, he demonstrates impressive resolve and great resourcefulness when he challenges the Alex in order to save Revo from destruction. In the meantime, he makes a good impression on Chris and becomes a surrogate big brother to Al.